Workshop "Práctica de inglés hablado"

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Última actualización: 16 de noviembre de 2018

Este workshop tendrá lugar el 30 de noviembre entre las 12:00 y 14:00 horas, en el aula C2.2. El aforo esta limitado a 20 estudiantes que tendrán que enviar su solicitud al correo El orden de selección será por orden de llegada del correo.

Synopsis: In this workshop we will practice speaking in English both individually and in groups, as preparation for the Cambridge B1 PET and B2 First . Students will not only receive advice about the speaking part of these exams, recognised worldwide by universities and international companies . They will also be able to practise the important skills for communication in another language : answering questions about themselves , describing things or people, discussing the best option with a partner and expressing an opinion about certain topics, such as social networking, tourism, and the environment.