Spaces and infrastructures

Located on the Tafira university campus, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, architecturally, the Economic and Business Sciences Building is made up of five modules:

Module A

It contains 11 classrooms, with a global capacity for 965 students, the Student Delegation of the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism, a concierge, a reprography service, and a Coffee shop.

Module C

In this module is the Administration of the Building, Main Concierge, Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Management of the Department of Economics and Business Management, offices of its professors, and two computer rooms of the same equipped with 40 and 15 positions, Hall of Degrees (with capacity for 108 people), Internal Reprography Service, cafeteria and the offices of Sociology and Phicology professors. In addition, this module has seven classrooms with a global capacity of 600 students and Language laboratory with 32 seats.


Module D

It houses the headquarters of the Departments of Applied Economic Analysis, Financial Economics, and Accounting and Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management and the offices of its professors. There are also three computer rooms with a capacity of 38, 40, and 55 seats and eight classrooms with a global total of 560 students.


Old building (Module E)

Various units and services outside the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism are currently located in this module, such as Language Classroom, Banco Santander Office, Medical Service, Occupational Risk Prevention Service, Gran Canaria Campus Association, and Union Sections. In addition, there are the offices of History and Philology teachers, eight classrooms with a global capacity for 1,000 students, and two computer rooms for practical classes, equipped with 40 seats each.


The bunker

In this building, annexed to the Old Building, is the Assembly Hall, with a capacity for 312 people, a free access Computer Room, an office for students, and a Study Room for students of the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism.