Schedules and calendars

Consult all the information related to timetables, calendars, classrooms and exams for your degree.

End of Title Project

One of the most important learning activities of the training program that consists of planning, carrying out, presenting and defending an academic paper.

Welcome day

Welcome to the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Mentor Program

Voluntary participation program whose objective is orientation and support among university students.

Prior training courses

For students who do not reach the minimum contents that are taught in the current study plans.

Student delegation

Participate in debates and proposals that arise regarding the operation of the Faculty.

Tutorial action plan

Objectives of tutoring and university orientation of all the official degrees offered by this Faculty.

Employment Board

Information about job offers.

``Every short sentence about the economy is intrinsically false``
Alfred Marshall (1842-1924). Founder, among others, of the marginalist school that emerged as a response to the classical school. It focuses on the margin, the last unit produced or loss of a good whose study allows the differential calculation.