The Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria aspires to be recognized for the skills, among others, of its graduates to successfully face the challenges of the contemporary business, economic and social world. For this reason, the Faculty Board has approved the Tutorial Action Plan (PAT), following the guidelines contained in the Key Student Orientation Procedure (PCC03) of the Faculty’s Quality Assurance System. The guidance and protection of the student in the training and educational process are based on the general quality objectives approved by the Faculty Board held on December 17, 2010, among which we can point out:

  • Promote an orientation towards the market aimed at attracting and receiving students in the Faculty and monitoring their job placement and professional development once they graduate (OG3).
  • Promote continuous monitoring of the teaching-learning processes of the Faculty to guarantee the students the development of the competencies included in the reports of the official titles and improve academic results (OG4).

For this reason, the PAT of the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism is made up of actions structured in stages, which will be planned, disseminated, and developed by those responsible for the actions and will be coordinated from the Dean’s Office together with the Vice Chancellors with competences in students and quality.