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On Sunday, December 10, events were held in honor of Our Lady of Loreto, the patron saint of the Air and Space Army, at the Gando Air Base. A prominent representation of ULPGC Schools and Faculties attended them, including Juan Manuel Benítez Del Rosario, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism. This event was an invaluable opportunity to strengthen the existing lines of collaboration between both institutions. It is also worth highlighting the close cooperation that we maintain, especially with Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo Navarro Millán, who has facilitated the arrangements for our students to conduct internships in the Air and Space Army. The events included:
A speech, among other events,by the General Chief of the Canary Islands Air Command was given. During his speech, the General highlighted the collaboration of the Army with society at the international and island levels, especially in emergencies such as the recent fires. The importance of air surveillance on the islands was emphasized, highlighting the modernization of resources such as replacing the F18 with the Eurofighter and updating radars, among other vital aspects.


Jornada en honor a Nuestra Señora de Loreto, patrona del Ejército del Aire y del Espacio